10H – 3 Dec – Read MLK Letter & Journal

Ms. Gould’s Post:

Today, during class you were given time to read MLK’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail and to complete the journal entry. If you did not finish this in class, make sure you have it done tomorrow.

Journal Prompt

(A) King’s letter is organized by questions that the other clergy posed. Outline the letter by identifying each of the major “questions” he’s answering and offer a short summary of his answer to each.

(B) Identify the TONE of the letter and any places where you see the tone shift. What are you clues that the tone has shifted?

(C) Identify the main logos, ethos, and pathos appeals in the letter

(D) Based on your work, what do you think the PURPOSE of King’s letter is? Did he accomplish that purpose or not?



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