10H 12-19 Dec 2013 – breakfast potluck & ICO late start plans

We alternated between reading and discussion days for lit circles with one last writing day in there on the 16th.


  • 7th period has only 15 minutes, so we’ll play some book-ish games.
  • 1st hour is hosting a BREAKFAST potluck, will finish “The Cheertastic Christmas Miracle” and will wrap up with a competitive game of LIEBRARY.

…UNLESS there is a late start, in which case there will be no breakfast potluck and no “Cheertastic Christmas Miracle” and no LIEBRARY and we won’t see each other until 2014!


One thought on “10H 12-19 Dec 2013 – breakfast potluck & ICO late start plans

  1. I was gone for the discussion day. My group did “Brave New World”

    I think the most striking thing about the book upon first reading is how similar their technological society is in ours in a couple of ways.

    1. Drugs- the idea that we need some kind of external stimulant to be happy is something that I think is prevalent in our society, from actual drugs to things as simple as tv or video games (though that is more similar to the games the characters fly to in their helicopters)

    2. Social media- Facebook, and Twitter are similar to the way the characters are trying to never be alone, or without some kind of stimulant (like the funny pictures of the family around the dinner table who all have their phones out) As we talked about in our F451 discussion, people often times are not really close/together even though we have all these ways to be closer to people. Also the “like” button reminds me of the way the characters never become truly invested in a relation ship, instead “liking” it and and then walking away.

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