10H – 13 January – Intro to Task 4

Today we’ll meet in the lab. I’m going to introduce Task 4: Pattern Synthesis.

Some things to note:

  1. Your proposal will be at least TWO pages long, because it will include your Works Cited page starting on the second page.
  2. Your first proposal is due no later than Monday January 20th.
  3. The last call for critical reflections and any work related to Task 4 is the end of the trimester.

I’ll also show you a Sample Pattern Paper, something I have resisted doing up until now because I don’t want you to write MY paper (warnings about that here).

Reminder: You are reading Part I of F451 for Wednesday’s class, but you must make your five tweets by 3:15 on TUESDAY. See Friday’s post for a complete explanation, and thanks to those who have started it already!


2 thoughts on “10H – 13 January – Intro to Task 4

    • This comment is for the January 15th conversation. I think that Mildred wanted to commit suicide but then when Guy tries to confront her she doesn’t want to admit it. At the bottom of page 18 Guy’s trying to talk to her about it but she keeps interrupting him by saying she’s hungry, as if she’s trying to avoid having that conversation with him.

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