10H – 14-15 January – F451 Part I

Tuesday – a reading day for Part I. Tweets (see post from Friday) due by 3:15.

Wednesday – first hour did their concept mapping, seventh hour did their discussion. Tomorrow we’ll flip-flop.

A couple of Journal Interview Notes.

  1. Remember to use the skills we’ve discussed. If you need to, take a snap shot of the board with the skills on it. That’s an easy way to figure out which is which!
  2. The Quick Docs section of the blog is LOADED with stuff to help you with journal interviews.

Also, about Nabokov and Perrine, here (in a nutshell) are the skills we identified during our discussion of that work:

Introduce critical reading skills based on Nabokov & Perrine, including

  • “Staying in the flashlight” (Perrine)

  • Rereading (Nabokov)

  • “Fondling the details” in order to reach inductive interpretations (Nabokov)–applies to our motif work

  • Inductive reading  (Nabokov & Perrine) –  drawing conclusions based on the evidence we gather (vs. deductive reading which is gathering evidence to support our theories).

  • “Reading with the spine” (Nabokov)


One thought on “10H – 14-15 January – F451 Part I

  1. I think Bradbury meant to use the Hound as a major hint and symbol to readers as representing the society in this dystopia. He kept describing the robot beast as “living but not alive”, and that it “slept but did not sleep”. He was trying to point out that everyone in society has a dead part about them and that they don’t think just like the Hound.

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