10H – 21 Jan 2014 – F451 Concepts & Questions

Today we’ll do our concept mapping (thanks late start) and tomorrow we’ll talk about what you read.

Similar to last time…you’ll get a page of tweets from your classmates and I’ll ask you to cut them up and put them on the map you think is the best match for the quote.

Different from last time…I’m asking you to write up your questions (Journal Entry 1) on post its and add them to the question posting station at the front of the room.

We’ll use these as small and large group prompts today and tomorrow.

EXTRA CREDIT For TOMORROW: Read the entire text of Dover Beach and post a comment on this blog entry explaining a) What the poem is about and b) How you see it connecting to F451.


2 thoughts on “10H – 21 Jan 2014 – F451 Concepts & Questions

  1. The author is talking about his lack of faith in humanity. The author is looking at lights and is comparing them to humanity, mentioning that they have “gone.” The pebbles going into the tide and coming back is an endless cycle of humanity’s mistakes. Mentioning Sophocles, who wrote tragedies, the author was comparing his own opinion of people to Sophocles. The author talking about how full the sea of life is what the author first thought of humanity, but now thinks all the author can hear is the bad things about people, and that there is too little good in this world. The world is compared to place like dreams without peace or love. The darkling plain is humanity’s ignorance, and that armies clashing don’t even know what their fighting for, giving an example of people’s ignorance. This compares to Montag’s character, as when Montag realizes he is unhappy he starts to think most people are untrustworthy of other people. Montag gets frustrated when people criticize books, believing they are ignorant of their lack of knowledge. The poem sums up Montag’s view of the world after he realizes he is unhappy.

  2. The poem is about  being humane…the moon symbolizes happiness as we have established so in class but at the end ‘turbid flow’ Happiness is the sound of a thought ” hearing distant” it is far away. Which means it has diminished. 

    Sea of faith “believers” was full. the world is as we see it, if you haven’t traveled the world, your home is your world. Religion in 1900s was taken more seriously. But these days,  Less people care about it. So faith is decreasing as well. 

    We are transient on this planet. A cruel planet it is where people fight. ‘armies’. But at least we should be ‘true’ to one another. Hence as Miles said in class love is the answer, we should love each other. 
    The part where he says ‘for the world… nor love, light, ‘
    I think this part is encouraging  originality and difference because he believes that the world does not judge. 

    I think this poem connects to F451 by it portraying the modern world just like F51 does. 

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