10H – 22 January 2014 – Academic Planning & Disc

Hi all, so we have no school tomorrow. Surprise, surprise.

Tomorrow was supposed to be your reading day…so that means you’re on your own for reading day, and you need to finish the book for FRIDAY we’ll discuss it then. 

Your tweets are due by Friday at 3:15. 

BTW, I didn’t know Academic Planning Day (yes, that link is a live one pointing to the slideshow) could be so fun–thanks 7th hour for helping me laugh at myself a little bit and letting me get passionate about how the CHS English Dept is so AWESOME.


2 thoughts on “10H – 22 January 2014 – Academic Planning & Disc

  1. Before the poem is read and Mrs. Phelps begins crying it also shows how she doesn’t have very much love and happiness in her life because it talks about how she doesn’t even worry about her husband who is going to the war. It just shows how she really doesn’t care anymore and she’s just kind of empty.

  2. I don’t think that Faber and Montag can possibly the successful in what they’re trying to do. Apart from the fact that they’re trying to change how their society functions, not an easy feat, Montag is already losing it. If Faber wasn’t there to talk to him he would likely already have been dealt with by the firemen or a hound or however the government deals with troublemakers. But at the same time, Montag wants to be independent. I think that if he somehow makes it away from the firemen (he just got called to burn down his own house) he’ll try to break away from Faber and in doing so get both of them in some deep trouble.

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