10H – 12 Feb 2014 – Prose Vs. Poetry

Today we’ll do a quick review of our critical reading skills for the second half of the year (10H Critical Reading Skills from the Essays).

Then I’ll pass out our English 10H Poems & Packet and Poetry Calendar. We’re going to read three poems and an article (pp 28-31), all about the same event. Our job is to try and articulate what’s different between prose and poetry.

Here’s some of what we came up with today:

  • Prose: uses paragraphs, has many different purposes, is more widely used, can be more information-focused.
  • Poetry: is more explicitly metaphorical, relies on more sonic devices, tends to be shorter, doesn’t follow the same grammatical rules, uses stanzas, tends to be more lyrical, is written mostly for pleasure or beauty

Then we’ll tackle the poems themselves and see what sense we can make of them together.


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