10H – 24 Feb 2014 – Writing Day & Vocab Test

Today we’ll meet in the lab for a regular writing day. The last call for Task 4 is WEDNESDAY, and I’ve found an website-based application that may help:


  1. When you get there, click the WRITE button.
  2. Select and delete the text that’s there.
  3. Paste your paper in, minus the header and works cited page.
  4. Click the EDIT button.
  5. Follow the guidelines mapped out for you.

Yes. This. This is 75% of what I’m doing w/your 2nd drafts, and a machine can help you with it!

In terms of vocabulary, please go to the Morphemes 1-100 Quizlet section. Set the TEST for WRITTEN questions only and 100 TOTAL ITEMS. You may take and retake the test as many times as you like until the period ends.


One thought on “10H – 24 Feb 2014 – Writing Day & Vocab Test

  1. This is for feb. 25. I think in the One Art poem that the another is trying not to miss someone (whoever the you is) and that’s why she says “the art of losing isn’t hard to master” but then at the end she realizes that no matter how much you lose anything losing whoever the you is, is something that’s hard to do. And that she’s trying to get over.

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