10H – 25-26 Feb 2014 – “Those Winter Sundays” and “One Art”

We’ll spend our time talking about these two poems.

For Tuesday, please read “Musee Des Beaux Arts” and journal about what you think the poem LITERALLY means. Please do NOT consult any outside sources, except for a better image of the painting, if you need it.

A reminder that your Task 4, Quizlet study sessions and other miscellany are all due Wednesday, as it’s the end of the trimester.

Regarding Task 4:

  • If your task has not been ACCEPTED by 4 p.m. WEDNESDAY then you will earn a partial score on the assignment. Partial scoring is explained on the writing handout from the first week of school. I am not reading any more Task 4 papers after school WEDNESDAY.
  • HOWEVER, if you have comments from me, it is STILL WORTH IT to revise again, as the more revisions you do, the higher your partial score will be.
  • If your task gets ACCEPTED WEDNESDAY, you may hand in the CR/Rubric by NOON on THURSDAY (wow, really? Thanks, Mrs. B. You are a lifesaver).

How can you hand in a CR/Rubric when you’re not here? Four easy steps:

  1. Print out the Critical Reflection and the Writing Rubric (both sides).
  2. Fill them out.
  3. Take pictures of them.
  4. Email those pictures to mrsbpapers {at} gmail {dot} com by NOON on THURSDAY 2/27.

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