10H – 4 March 2014 – Musee Des Beaux Arts

Today we talked about “Musee Des Beaux Arts” — went a little further in by looking at the poem through the lens of several Brueghel paintings.

Then I shared my 10 reasons Why I like Musee Des Beaux Arts. I’m asking you to choose a poem of your own and write a “Reasons Why I Like…” list for Friday.

THE BAD NEWS: This means you have TWO assignments due Friday: (a) Your sestina (b) Your list of reasons why you like…whatever poem it is you choose.

THE GOOD NEWS: POTLUCK FRIDAY! The assignments are due Friday because Friday is our sharing day. Everyone is invited to bring some “coffee house foods” to share. And each person will read either their sestina OR their Reasons Why I Like…

In the meantime, I’m asking you to Read Foster’s chapter “If It’s Square, It’s a Sonnet” for tomorrow. In your journal, (a) Identify what his “pattern” is for reading sonnets. (b) Read one sonnet and one “almost sonnet” from your packet and write about how/why the poet deviates from the sonnet form in each of the poems. Note: “almost sonnets” are around 14 lines, basically square, but might not be titled “sonnet” or might not be a classic “sonnet.”


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