10H – 14 Mar 2014 – The “Unlikeable Female Protagonist” @catagator

Well, friends, I should have given you a journal prompt about the essays! Cause wow, we tore that up. Today we discussed first what the articles SAY (e.g. identified their main argument). Then we talked about whether or not we agreed with that argument. Then, finally, we tried applying the dichotomy to RAISIN IN THE SUN.

I explained that in RAISIN, the protagonist is the FAMILY, more than any one person, so we explored Beneatha, Ruth, and Mama through the lens of the likeable/unlikeable essays. WOW.

Great work.

(I’m writing this after first hour with complete confidence that 7th hour will be equally as awesome)

Special thanks to Kelly Jensen (@catagator on Twitter), who is hosting the series on her blog, http://www.stackedbooks.org. Feel free to tweet her a thank you!


2 thoughts on “10H – 14 Mar 2014 – The “Unlikeable Female Protagonist” @catagator

  1. I think a reason why the reader doesn’t like Ruth is because now she fits female stereotype too much. People think that she should maybe try to do more things for herself instead of being like the perfect housewife.

  2. I was absent for this discussion.

    What I gathered from the articles is that the “unlikeable female protagonist” is a female character who acts in a way that a woman shouldn’t act. It seems to me that anything a female character does could make her “unlikable”. If she complains, even if she has reason to, she’s unlikable. If she drinks, smokes or has sex, she’s unlikable. If she is feminist, she’s unlikable but if she isn’t feminist enough, then she’s still unlikable. I don’t really think I agree with/understand this because that makes every female character “unlikable” if she doesn’t fit perfectly into this mold of how a woman should act. Also I don’t think this makes that much sense in our society today because the way a woman “should” act isn’t limited nearly as much as it used to be. I agree with the second article, because like the writer, I would rather read about a character who speaks her mind and does what she wants to do than a character who tries to fits into this perfect little mold of “what it means to be a female”.

    In Raisin in the Sun, I think Beneatha is the most “unlikable” female character because she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Also, in this time period, women, especially African American women, weren’t really going out and getting a college education, and that’s exactly what Beneatha is doing. She doesn’t fit the mold of an ideal female that her society created.

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