10H – 31 Mar 2014 – Writing day w/out Mrs. B

By no small miracle, I am caught up on proposals as of 1:32 today. Apparently I can get *something* done while on bedrest, and thank goodness.

Hi guys. So I’m still too dizzy to get out of bed. I’m planning to work as much as I can from home, now that I’m sitting up again, but I hate that I’m so behind on your proposals. Of COURSE I’m making an extension on the deadline and of COURSE I’ll answer what questions I can…but I’m really sorry because I know it’s less productive when I’m not there for a writing day. I do have a post (see below) about what I’m seeing in proposals overall, so that may be useful.

For today:



One thought on “10H – 31 Mar 2014 – Writing day w/out Mrs. B

  1. I was absent on Friday so…
    I thought that Walter’s growth was the most noticeable in the play. At the end he tells his son that he will give him the world, which is exaggerating, but I think the point is that he is going to change. The way he also told Mr. Lindner that they are not going to take the money makes him seem to have grown because he is in support of his family and is agreeing with mama. Also, he no longer wants the money to invest in business and I think that is due to Willy stealing the money. So he learned his lesson and he is being more thoughtful.

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