10H – 3 April 2014 – Midsummer Day 2

Today we’ll talk about Act I. I’m particularly interested in addressing…

  • The role of the moon in the opening speeches of Theseus/Hippolyta, not to mention the role of night/moon in I.i more generally; may be helpful to think of “Theseus’s moon” and “the lovers’ moon”
  • The various definitions of love (Theseus, Lysander/Hermia (after duet), Helena (“How happy some…”))
  • Directing–who does it, when, why and how effective is it?
  • Compare/contrast the two duets (Lysander/Hermia and Hermia/Helena)
  • Helena’s monologue “Call you me fair?”
  • The role of the night/moon/dreams motif in I.i
  • The role of eyes/seeing in I.i
  • Characterization of Bottom and Quince in I.ii

Tomorrow is a reading day for Act II.

A BIG Peek ahead:

  • Monday – Writing day, including some direct instruction on turning your proposals into papers
  • Tuesday – Discuss Act II
  • Wednesday – Reading day Act III
  • Thursday – Discuss Act III
  • Friday – Reading Day Acts IV and V
  • Monday 4/14 – Writing Day
  • Tuesday – Discuss Acts IV and V
  • Wednesday – choose/cast scenes & begin rehearsals….
  • 4/16-5/7 – Rehearsals & performances

3 thoughts on “10H – 3 April 2014 – Midsummer Day 2

  1. We didn’t get a change to talk about eyes in class, which I wanted to since I was a little confused. Likely, a bit like the moon, eyes mean different things in different places. Eyes were perception in some spots which is obvious anyways, but then when Helena was talking to Hermia (surrounding 185) I thought that Helena was saying that Hermia’s eyes were a cut above the rest of her features. And eyes are known as the windows to the soul, so I thought then that eyes were sort of personality or something along those lines.

  2. My group talked about eyes yesterday and we thought that eyes might be used as something to represent how decisions are made. We thought that they used eyes to make decisions and not their minds, or at least that’s what it seemed like in the text we went over.

  3. I think the fact that the rest of the acts in MSND are in the nighttime indicates that Act 1 is the only act that doesn’t have a lot of action in it and just sets up for the rest of the play. Also, on the topic of eyes, all the characters seem to only make decisions with their eyes and not at all thinking about the consequences of their actions making the course of the play very believable.

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