10H – 7 April 2014 – Writing Day Task 5

Reminder that we’re talking about Act II tomorrow. The journal prompts were posted on Friday and they’re also on the running list of journal prompts (under ANNOUNCEMENTS at left).

Today we’ll be in the lab for a writing day. I’m going to start with some direct instruction about turning your proposals into papers.

One of the tricks of the trade in explication is the BRAID. Essentially, your body paragraphs should braid layers of summary with layers of analysis. This is VERY different from an analytical essay where you want to avoid summary at all costs. The structure of an explication demands summary woven into the fabric of the essay because it’s what helps your reader locate themselves in both the poem and in your paper.

Some examples of this for your reference:

Also two quick notes about language:

  1. The word “chunk” is an in-class word, and should not show up in your academic writing. You might talk about the next “section” or “few lines” or “part” or “stanza,” etc.
  2. The word “diction” just means “word choice.” Every word in every poem ever written is “diction.” The usefulness of the word is when you pair it with an adjective, e.g. “angry diction” or “passive diction.”

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