10H – 10 April 2014 – Midsummer Day 6

Today we talked about Act III, focusing on your journal questions. Tomorrow is a reading day for Acts IV and V, which are due TUESDAY.

A reminder that you have three ongoing assignments right now:

  • Quizlet (15 sessions)
  • Task 5 (last call May 12)
  • SSR and letters (2 due by end of tri, aiming for the first mid-term, 4/18)



4 thoughts on “10H – 10 April 2014 – Midsummer Day 6

  1. I thought something that was intresting about Oberons change of feelings was that before he didn’t really seem to care that much about love between people except if he was getting something out of it, like the changeling child in his and Titania’s case, but now he cares about peoples love getting confused and mixed around.

  2. If Shakespeare writes about love and his messages about love in his plays, it has to have some deep meaning. If he only had one small point to make he would just write one play about love. But he has many of them, letting us know that he really wants people to take his messages seriously and find out exactly what pros and cons he has listed out in his plays.

  3. The passages you supplied us with where unmarried couples are running around wildly and married couples are fighting made me think of how people always want what they can’t have, and if they end up getting it aren’t happy. If this is part of what Shakespeare is saying about romantic love I would expect to see the relationships of he Athenians fall apart near the end when they actually do get together.

  4. I think that he is trying to show us that romantic love makes people make irrational choices. They are more self-sacrificing when they are in love with someone romantically. And I think that Shakespeare is also pointing our that after a while it goes away. It’s like buying a new pair of shoes just because it looks cool but if you wear it, you find that the shoes are uncomfortable. Then you want another pair(someone new).

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