10H – 14 April 2014 – Writing Day Task 5

Today we’ll meet in the lab for a writing day. I think everything I posted last week still applies to those of you who have begun drafting. I’ll have conferences with those who need/want one.

A reminder that last call Is May 12, and…

  1. To be “on time,” you are expected to hand in one draft of something (proposal, draft or CR) each week until you’re finished with the task.
  2. On average, students are writing 3-5 proposals and 3-5 drafts for this task. That’s why I gave the extra time.
  3. If you’re lollygagging on handing drafts in, please remember that procrastination on your part does not mean an emergency on mine. I get 2 SCHOOL days on proposals and most drafts, up to 4 school days on first drafts.

…There are 21 school days until last call. You do the math.


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