10H 14-16 May 2014 – Irony and the start of SH5

Wednesday: We’ll talk through Foster’s chapter on Irony.

Thursday: Reading Day for Ch 1 of SH5. Your journal prompt: As you read Chapter 1 of SH5, focus on one of the four major subjects: war, family, death, writing/art. Track quotes related to these subjects and based on your reading, try to identify what VONNEGUT (not Billy, and maybe not even the narrator, though is the narrator Vonnegut? A question for you to consider) is saying about the subject you’ve explored.

Friday: In small groups, I’ll ask you to tackle the subjects in a mini-concept map. The sub will have the instructions and materials. Your goal is to arrive at a CONSENSUS of what Vonnegut is saying about the subjects from your journal prompt.

I will miss you greatly. But I will look forward to seeing you on Monday for our LAST WRITING DAY of the year. Task 5 last call is that day as well, please be aware.


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