10H – 19 August 2014 – First Day of School

mq5mMFbIHzEXLmgUPF3JRmw Today I’ll start by orienting you to the class and to the classroom using the 10H Syllabus and my annual first day pep talk.

Then I’ll ask you to write an extended metaphor. Choose one playing piece that you feel represents something meaningful about yourself and write a short explanation about why.

The pieces are: the Scottie dog, the thimble, the cowboy, the shoe, the car, the iron, the top hat, and the wheelbarrow.

I’m looking for 5-7 sentences. I’ll collect these metaphors by the end of class today.

If time permits, we’ll also take a look at Calvin and Hobbes: A Typical Day at School (links to the web, you can click to see image). I’d love to hear your thoughts on which of these seems most like school and why. My guess is we’ll get to this in 7th hour, but not first with our scant 24 minutes!


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