10H – 20 August 2014 – Book Check Out & “Here I Stand”

Reminder that you need a composition notebook by FRIDAY. You are welcome to buy a college-ruled one from me, if you like, for 75 cents.

[Period 1: due to the technological difficulties, please IGNORE the part of the Radiohead video we saw today. I will re-show it on the FULL screen tomorrow to BOTH classes, come heck or high water. So basically, I’m asking for a do-over. 🙂 Also, please don’t try to watch/talk about it yet because I want us to have a good experience. Together.]

Today we started in the LMC for book check out. Then we started our “shorts” unit. We’ll spend just a week or so reading and discussing a variety of short texts. The goal is to start to get to know each other as readers and thinkers.

Our first short text is a speech by Erica Goldson. We read/watched and discussed it in class today (see below).


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