10H – 10 Sept 2014 – Reading Ch 4 and “How To” Comment on the Blog for credit

Today we’ll read Chapter 4 in OMM. For your journal prompt, please write about the racial dynamics on the ranch and how those dynamics intersect with communion, marks, and violence as we’ve discussed them over the last few weeks.

Also, a quick heads up about discussion. Now that graded discussions have begun, if you miss an opportunity to contribute in class, you’re welcome to comment on THAT DAY’S POST. If you do so within 24 hours of the discussion, then you can earn full credit for your contribution, provided that

  • You add something to the discussion that we didn’t get to address OR you offer a nuance on the discussion that might change how we see things
  • You explain clearly how your thinking connects with the class discussion we actually had.
  • You reference the text as specifically as possible.

So on the flip side, contributions that…

  • summarize the discussion
  • identify thoughts about the text without reference to the discussion
  • reference general/vague ideas that may or may not specifically relate to the actual text

…will earn a maximum of 1/2 credit.



2 thoughts on “10H – 10 Sept 2014 – Reading Ch 4 and “How To” Comment on the Blog for credit

  1. Along with showing the intimacy of violence between Curly and Lennie in the scene where Curly’s hand is crushed, I believe another purpose is to foreshadow a relationship between Lennie and Curly’s wife. While fighting, Lennie crushes the hand that Curly specifically says he was “saving for his wife” earlier in the story, and by Lennie crushing that hand, he is crippling the relationship between Curly and his wife as well.

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