10H – 12 Sept 2014 – Miscellany

We’ll start with SSR/library check out, then move on to our regular vocabulary routine. You’ll have most of the rest of the period to read, except for a short essay ambulance (our first! hooray!).

For TUESDAY, please read Chapters 5 & 6 of OMM. In your journal, write about these two prompts:

  • Choose one of these topics and theorize about its role in the novel: the American Dream, Judgement, Justice, Dreams, Heaven, Friendship
  • Make a T-chart. On one side write down 3-5 things that might be “eyebrow raisers” in the book (things that would make someone suggest it isn’t an “appropriate” book for high school kids). On the other side, write down 3-5 things that give the book literary merit (things that would make someone suggest it’s important to read despite the eyebrow raisers). This journal asks you to think like a grown-up, think like a teacher. And I think you can do it. 🙂

Essay ambulance notes:

1. Try thinking about your main point as a category rather than a statement about what happened. For example, instead of trying to prove that Four is vulnerable despite being a leader by saying

-Four and Tris go up on the ferris wheel together and he’s scared of the heights.

-Four can’t face what his Dad did to him in his fear landscape.

-Four doesn’t get close to the other people in his faction.

Try thinking of what kind of vulnerability he’s showing. You might say something like this

-Four is physically vulnerable.

-Four’s past makes him vulnerable.

-Four’s fear of relationships makes him vulnerable.

2. Make sure your THESIS and EVIDENCE are not “self-explanatory.” When that happens, it usually means that your argument hasn’t gone far enough, it’s just scratching the surface. If we can’t argue with it, it’s probably not a great thesis.

3. Make sure your final column focuses on explaining how the EVIDENCE proves the THESIS–not simply restating what happened in the story.



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