10H – 16 Sept 2014 – Discussion Chapters 5 & 6

Today we talked in-depth about Chapters 5 & 6. If you didn’t manage to add to the discussion in class, please remember that you can do so here until we meet again tomorrow. 🙂

No reading assignment tonight. Yippee!



4 thoughts on “10H – 16 Sept 2014 – Discussion Chapters 5 & 6

  1. Something that stood out to me was that everything that happened in Chapters 5 and 6 were foreshadowed in the beginning of the book. George implied that Lennie would get in trouble, Lennie talked about living in caves in the forest, and George was concerned someone would shoot him. And their conversation ends with George telling Lennie about their “future” just like before George shot Lennie.

  2. I noticed that a lot of people came to the conclusion that Steinbeck was trying to convey that in the entire scheme of things, tragic stories like Lennie’s don’t really make an impact. In the very last sentence of the book, Carlson asks why George and Candy are so upset over Lennie’s death, showing that life just simply goes on even after a traumatic event. I think Steinbeck wrote Of Mice and Men this way because in the height of the Great Depression, Steinbeck witnessed people suffering, and having their own dreams ripped away from them much like Lennie. But each individual story doesn’t change anything, especially in a time period like the Great Depression. Life just went on even though large groups of people were struggling, much like the men carried on their work at the ranch after Lennie died.

  3. We talked a lot in class about how George may have killed Lennie as a friendly gesture so that Lennie could get to experience heaven as much as possible, but in my journal I approached the killing a little differently. I said that maybe George wanted to kill Lennie so that he could be free from the burden that Lennie is to him. I think that dreams play into this. George dreams of being able to go to the whore house. He calls Lennie dumb. Another factor that supports George shooting Lennie to get rid of him is the fact that George left Lennie and went to town when Curley got hurt. He showed by this act that he didn’t really want to be around Lennie. The dream of being free drives George to shoot Lennie and and Lennie killing Curley’s wife was just a great opportunity to do that.

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