10H – 17 Sept 2014 – Eyebrow Raisers and Things of Merit

Today is really a sneak peek at Task 2, but it fits here at the end of OMM, so that’s where we’ll handle it. We’re going to talk through your journal prompt about the eyebrow raisers and things of merit in OMM. My main goal is for us to see that there are valid components on both sides of the equation. (The pic below is 5th hour’s brainstormed list, you can click to enlarge it if you like).


We’ll spread into talk about other books, and flip through the Banned Book Resource Guide together a little bit. I’ll introduce two terms “challenged” books and “banned” books and we’ll talk about the differences.

Then we’ll talk about personal thresholds. What I mean by that is simple. Each person has a personal threshold for what they can tolerate and what they cannot tolerate. Mine is different from yours due to my own beliefs, values, experiences. That’s okay. What matters most to me is that we honor one another’s personal thresholds, and not mock them. Fair enough? At the same time, a personal threshold is not a classroom threshold. Or a community threshold, and we need to honor that, too. If someone needs to bow out of a particular book, that’s legitimate. If someone wants to ask everyone to bow out, that’s a whole other enchilada.



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