10H – 7 Oct 2014 – Socratic Seminar Chapters 2 & 3

…and I SHOULD have assigned Foster Ch 16 with these two chapters rather than with Chapters 4 & 5. Ugh.

No matter. We had our seminar. In first hour, we discussed that there is a legitimate queer reading of this text, but also that such a reading is not required to effectively understand/analyze the text. Take that for what you want, I suppose.

Tomorrow I’ll introduce some of the Persuasion Basics for your paper and the rest of the day will be for reading Chapters 4 & 5 and Foster’s Chapters 14 & 16. Our next seminar will be Thursday.

As usual for Socratic Seminar, your journal prompt is to come up with three questions and answer one of them. You do NOT need to write any separate journal entry for Foster, but do jot down his list of what makes a Christ figure somewhere. It’s “dead useful,” as Hagrid would say.


2 thoughts on “10H – 7 Oct 2014 – Socratic Seminar Chapters 2 & 3

  1. One piece of evidence for Finny’s death is the tree: In the introduction, the tree is a fearful sight for Gene and upon revisiting it, Gene remarks that the tree looked smaller (not as powerful) than it did in his past. This is a symbol for Finny, as during the flashbacks, he seems confident and exceeds in basically every way. He looks forward to growing up to serve in the army but sometimes, he does seem a little vulnerable (the swimming record).
    I feel like the purpose of mentioning the change in perception of the tree is saying how back then, everyone thought Finny was so powerful and grown up and capable of anything but really, he was still only a child. One day during the flashback, he will not be capable anymore, he will slip (figuratively and perhaps literally).

  2. I feel like the war is killing the innocence of Finny and Gene because they are only 16 years old and they’ll probably end up being forced into the military which is forcing them to grow up faster then most kids would have to.

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