10H – Task 2 Calendar and Deadline Management

Okay, everyone. By popular demand, here is a sample calendar for you specifically aligned to Task 2 (you can click on it to enlarge it if  necessary):

Sample Task 2 Calendar

As you all know, the rules of the game are simple. 95% of you have successfully managed Task 1 and have a good sense of how this works. But as a reminder:

  • You have a MAXIMUM of one week to turn around a paper, but as I’ve said a hundred times since we started, if you always use the maximum, you will not be able to finish in time. I recommend (and have planned above) ONLY using your full week when you’re working on hammering out a first draft. That tends to be the part that takes the longest.
  • I get two SCHOOL days to turn around proposals and most drafts. I get five SCHOOL days to turn around first drafts (they take me as long as they take you). Weekends don’t count as extra days. I do not work on Saturdays or Sunday mornings.
  • You have a writing day every Monday all period, so you have plenty of time and support to work with me. I’m also available for conferences before or after school every day.
  • If I ask you to conference, it means that my commenting on your draft for 20 minutes would not be enough time for me to explain what’s necessary, and as a result I haven’t given you a full picture in the comments. I expect you to conference. Don’t waste my time or yours by avoiding it.

At this point, 60-70% of you have already worked through a first proposal and are on a second proposal or have started drafting, so by waiting a full week to hand in the first proposal, this time schedule will feel a bit crunched. We’ll all do the best we can with it, right?

Remember if you get feedback sooner than expected, you can turn your draft around sooner than expected.


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