10H – 13 October 2014 – Academic Honesty, Finishing Task 1, All the Task 2 Help Sheets

Today we’ll be in the lab for a writing day. I’m going to start with an overview of Academic Honesty (including methods of using evidence) from the Style Guide (which I’ll also introduce as a tool), and then ask you to sign the Academic Honesty Signature Page.

The rest of class will be for you to finish your Task 1 (see bottom of this post) and to work on your Task 2 Proposal. Below, I’m providing a TON of resources to help you with Task 2, and I will pin this page to the announcements so that you have regular access to it throughout Task 2.


  • Task 2 Proposal Template – if you haven’t turned it in yet, I suggest you try this. It will help you avoid some of the pitfalls of argument. Special thanks to Adam Z who came up with the table approach. If you go to FILE then MAKE A COPY, you will have one you own and you can fill-in-the-blank. Also, here is a Sample Task 2 Proposal that uses the template. It may be helpful to see an example.
  • Once you have an accepted Proposal, this Task 2 Outline and this Task 2 Letter Template will help you to format your business letter correctly. As usual, I will not READ a paper that is not formatted correctly, which could cost you PRECIOUS time on this assignment. I was merciful during task 1 and read at least one draft of unformatted papers. I won’t repeat that. (Think about the deadliness of submitting a first draft of a paper, waiting five days and getting only one comment back. Ouch.)


  • The Critical Reflection is a Google Doc. To access it, you must go to FILE, then MAKE A COPY. Then name the copy with your first initial, last name and task # (e.g. if my name was Jane Smith, then this first reflection would be JSmith Reflection Task 1).
  • Fill out, type, or paste in answers to the questions on the reflection. Note that since the reflection itself is a type of “first say,” you do not need additional “first say” comments on the reflection. 🙂
  • PRINT the reflection and circle the answers to question #9 and question #10 manually.
  • Pick up a cream colored rubric from my room.
  • Highlight and/or underline the rubric based on what applies to your process. This rubric highlighting is “first say” on your grade.
  • Staple your highlighted/underlined rubric on TOP of your reflection and hand it in to me in person.
photo 1
Front Side – please include Task # under your name
photo 2
Back side – feel free to highlight in footnotes section, too!

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