10H – 14-15 Oct 2014 – Seminar

Today is a Socratic Seminar for Chapters 6 & 7. Tomorrow is a reading day for Chapters 8 & 9.

Those of you who haven’t yet handed in your first proposal for Task 2 are officially “behind.” Please do not expect the leniency you experienced on Task 1 to continue. Procrastination on your part does not equal an emergency on mine.


3 thoughts on “10H – 14-15 Oct 2014 – Seminar

  1. Gene is taking up a sports manager position. That means that he is getting involved in sports a Phineas thing. But since he is manger, he i believe feels like he is over gene. Also since those jobs were take in by physically disabled people, an since Phineas was disabled he is almost put in a spot where his is again Phineas. He wants to be over Phineas but truly he is just finding himself in a symbolic form of Phineas.
    Then to contribute to what was side about Phienes and Quackenbush falling into the river. I feel that Gene will become the knew Finny in that relationship. I find evidence of this on page 70, when quackenbush asks, ” starting a little late to manage teams aren’t you?” The team might be the relationship, manging means leading the relationship, and a little late means that he is a little old to start leading a relationship.

  2. ASP Chapters 8&9
    On page 112,(small book) the middle paragraph is where Gene is running his laps. After the Gene does the third lap, he isn’t tired anymore. In class, we classified Phineas representing childhood, summer, innocence. Phineas is training Gene in these laps and when Gene no longer gets tired, Gene is graduating childhood and now into adulthood. Also in class, we thought Phineas is still stuck in the past and everyone else is moving on. Gene running those laps is representing him moving on. Through Chapter 9, there are little bits of war language and the use of snow(also representing the war) through out that foreshadow something to do with the war in the future. On page 122, says: “The Saturday was battleship gray.”

  3. So I am writing this in this box because we dont have 10/16/14 yet so
    My contribution to the ending of the speech we had about Finny still living in summer(peace and fun) is that Leper was also living in summer too and since we already know that Leper has a down fall from his peaceful idea of war, then Finny may also have a downfall from his peaceful ways as well

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