10H – 13 Nov 2014 – Second Trimester!

We start second trimester today. Many of you will find the PACE of second tri much easier to navigate, which will feel like a nice change. đŸ™‚

We start with a very short unit on Memoir. In this unit, we set aside Foster and reading for symbol/pattern and instead focus on one simple skill: Reading Like a Writer.

Because your Task 3 involves writing a short memoir, we will read the memoir excerpts and choice texts as if we are apprentices trying to learn from the masters. What do they do? How does it work? Why does it work? Those are the questions we’ll ask ourselves and each other as we read (…and, starting Monday, write).

I’ll pass out calendars and all that jazz tomorrow. Today, I’m going to give book talks for the memoirs you have to choose from. Each of you will provide me with your top 3-5 choices and I’ll sort you into groups based on those choices.


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