10H – 20 Nov 2014 – Memoir Groups And More Groups, actually

NOTE: When I ask you to do something, I mean for you to do it. I will be checking your humor work from yesterday in class today. In addition, I will be including a 10 point writing score for your proposal being in on time and reasonably appropriate. I still have a large number of proposals missing, especially from 5th period.

Today after silent reading, we’ll be sorting ourselves into our groups for second trimester. To be frank most of these we’ll use after Thanksgiving, so it’s not particularly useful today–but we have the time today, so we’re going to make it happen.

Then you’ll get into your MEMOIR groups (different groups entirely) and talk about the first 1/3 of your memoir using this discussion guide.

Just a reminder that your journal entry over the first 1/3 of the memoir was:

What is the author’s GOAL (aside from telling about his/her life)? What techniques does s/he use to accomplish that goal? Think specifically about

  • Physical language – syntax (sentence structure) and diction (word choice)
  • Figurative language – use of metaphor, simile, personification, imagery, etc.
  • Appeals – use of logic or appeals to emotion
  • Genre – is it poetry? Prose? Letters?
  • Detail – what types of details does the writer include? What types of details does the writer exclude?

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