10H – 9 Dec 2014 – Antigone Scene 2 & Ode 2

Today we’ll start with a group paraphrase of Ode 1 to see how you did on your individual paraphrases. Then I’ll ask you to read on Scene 2 and Ode 2 with your Jazz Ensembles. Your journal prompts are below:

Antigone Scene 2 –  Antigone and Creon are discussing the differences between legal law and moral law. What distinctions do they make? Do you buy these differences? Which character is more convincing and why? Who has logos on their side? Ethos? Pathos? Why?

Antigone Ode 2 – Paraphrase the ode on page 786-787. What is the message? How does it relate to the story so far?

My advice is to read efficiently and work on the paraphrase together. Then if time permits you can move on to think through the journal entry together. We’ll start tomorrow with a discussion of the journal prompt and the ode.


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