10H – 10 Dec 2014 – Antigone Scene 3 and Ode 3

Today I’ll be gone. Please read Scene 3 and Ode 3 in your KARAOKE CREWS. Your journal prompts are below

  1. Antigone Scene 3 –  Identify the opening TONE of each speech (Creon’s first big one to Haimon and Haimon’s first big one to Creon). Then, comb through each speech to identify each place the tone shifts and how you know the shift has happened.
  2. Antigone Ode 3 – Paraphrase the ode on page 798-799. What is the message? How does it relate to the story so far?

Again, whatever of this work you’re unable to finish in class, please finish before you come to class tomorrow.


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