10H – 5 January 2015 – Writing Day, Introduce Task 4

Welcome back, scholars. I missed you! Well, except for Yara, who kept me apprised of her–ahem–reading preferences on Twitter (You, too, are welcome to chat with me there–but be warned that Twitter is an inherently *public* medium).

For tomorrow, I’m asking you to read Martin Luther King Jr’s Letter From a Birmingham Jail, which I passed out in class to you today. In your journal, do some ACTIVE reading:

  • King’s letter is organized by questions that the other clergy posed. Outline the letter by identifying each of the major “questions” he’s answering and offer a short summary of his answer to each.
  • Identify the TONE of the letter and any places where you see the tone shift. What are you clues that the tone has shifted? (If you’re stuck for tone words, check out the section of tone words on this document or this mood and tone words handout).
  • Identify the main logos, ethos, and pathos appeals in the letter
  • Based on your work, what do you think the PURPOSE of King’s letter is? Did he accomplish that purpose or not?

As for today we start Task 4 – Pattern. I’ll explain it to the best of my ability, but I also want to give you a tool that will be useful. If you’re not sure what genre you’ve read a lot of OR you’re looking for ideas –> USE GOODREADS.

Here’s what you can do.

  • Login to your GoodReads account (fair warning that this thing is going to get more and more useful over the rest of this trimester and next…)
  • Click on EXPLORE
  • Click on a genre that you like to read, for example YOUNG ADULT (which isn’t a genre for OUR purposes, but works as a good sample)
  • Scroll down past “new releases” and “giveaways” to “Most Read This Week” and “Lists” and “Popular” (Pay special attention to lists like “best of” or lists of a particular genre you’re interested in, for example YA DYSTOPIA).
  • Click through these lists identifying ones that you’ve read as “read” (you can even rate them if you like).
  • Do the same for some other genres.
  • You may even notice that there are “Related Genres” on the side bar (those that WILL work as a “genre” for our purposes), and you might want to click through some of those.

When you’ve done this, you’ll have a good sense of what you’ve read and you may find it easier to see a genre emerging.

PS) This week we start Journal Interviews. If you’re not sure when you’re assigned, the schedule will be posted up by my door starting Monday.


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