10H – 5 Jan – 9 Jan 2015

REMINDER: Your first proposal for Task 4 is due MONDAY.

Tuesday we squeezed in a discussion of MLK’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” and as I explained on Monday I love the way this offers us a natural bridge from ANTIGONE to dystopia. We all know Creon is the protagonist of the tragedy.

But if we decide that ANTIGONE is a dystopia, that makes her the protagonist and she’s practicing civil disobedience.

MLK gives us a way of understanding civil disobedience and also–as we discussed–seems to be speaking *especially* to us and *especially* today given the conflicts in the news around issues of policing and race.

Wednesday we had a lovely snow day. I hope you enjoyed it enough not to grumble in June when we’re here an extra day.

Thursday we had a late start and an early dismissal, so I only got you for 25 minutes. We maximized that time together by spending it all on reading.

Today we’ll take a look at a short film called “2081: Everyone Is Finally Equal,” based on a dystopic story by Kurt Vonnegut called Harrison Bergeron. I’ll also give you the text of the story. We’ll talk about both the film and the story in class on Tuesday.


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