10H – 12-14 Jan 2014 – Writing Day + Discussion of “Harrison Bergeron”

Monday is a writing day in the lab. A reminder that I’m asking you to read Harrison Bergeron and to compare/contrast the story with the 2081 film we watched in your journal.

Tuesday we’ll meet in the classroom and do a few things:

  1. I’ll pass out copies of our new critical reading texts: Nabokov’s Good Readers, “Good Writers,” Perrine’s “The Nature of Proof in the Interpretation of Poetry” and a short parable called “The Student, The Fish, and Agassiz.” I’m asking you to read and annotate these essays for THURSDAY (tomorrow, Wednesday, will be a reading day). And in your journal, answer the questions I’ve provided on the first page of the packet.
  2. I’ll ask you to set up a Twitter account. If you have one already, all good, but if not, please set one up.
  3. We’ll talk about Harrison Bergeron together, comparing/contrasting with the 2081 movie.

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