10H – 22-23 Jan 2015 – F451

Today we’ll talk about Part I and your (awesome) tweets in small groups. Tomorrow, we’ll talk in a larger group.

Sometime between now and then, please take some time to journal about the following prompts:

1. Go back through Beatty’s monologue at the end of Part I and break it down into its component parts. What elements of our society is Beatty (the character) saying that his society has “fixed?” As a result, what elements of our society is Bradbury (the author) critiquing?

2. Write an open-ended question and a literary analysis question (see below) about Part I.  Then, construct an answer to your question using specific evidence (quotes with page numbers) from the text. Plan to use these questions and your answers to fuel class discussion.

  • Open-Ended Question:  Write an insightful question about the text that will require evidence, group discussion and “construction of logic” to discover or explore the answer to the question. For Example: After almost getting shot by Nathan Radley, why did Jem go back for his pants?
  • Literary Analysis Question: Write a question dealing with HOW an author chose to compose a literary piece.  How did the author manipulate point of view, characterization, poetic form, archetypal hero patterns, for example? For example: Why does Harper Lee open chapter 1 with a long section about family history?

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