27-28 January 2015 – F451 Part II Journal Prompt

Motifs are a new focus area for us during the second half of the year. A motif is a repeated word or image that often points toward symbol, subject or theme.  For example, in F451, some motifs include: fire, water, light, birds, the mechanical hound, seeing/eyes, hands…(there are lots more).

  1. Identify a motif and track it throughout the entire text. By “track,” I mean, write down the page number and the context in which the word, phrase or image occurs.
  2. Write 2-3 paragraphs about what makes the motif significant, useful or how it contributes to the meaning of the work. Focus on what the author is using the motif to say or address, the themes the motif helps readers to access, and/or the symbolic value of the motif in the text.

4 thoughts on “27-28 January 2015 – F451 Part II Journal Prompt

  1. I’d like to mention the scene where all of the women are watching the TV. The content they are watching is very strange and demented. When Montag turns the TV off, the women become agitated because their routine and way of life is being interrupted. I feel that the TV ties in well with Mildred’s seashells. They treat all of these strange things like there is nothing wrong with them at all. This just goes to show how their lives go on and on, around and around again, without noticing how horrible and strange their lives really are. Montag has begun to come out of the dark. When Faber gives him the earpiece, this gives him someone who will finally listen to him. He begins to change and lose his trust of the firemen.

  2. In my journal prompt I wrote about a motif. I chose the word “war” because it was mentioned quite a bit in part two of the book. I think it’s odd how people see war as a good thing. Not that it is entirely a bad thing but it isn’t something that should be praised let alone talked about in everyday discussion. In the book I found a quote that said..”He said, if I get killed off, you just go right ahead and don’t cry, but get married again, and don’t think of me.”(95) Mrs. Phelps pretty much said that she would automatically be able to move on if her husband were to die while in battle which shows there is hardly any emotional attachment between the characters in the story. I also realized that the men/women at war don’t realize what they are even fighting for. In our world we fight for freedom and safety but the soldiers in the story only have the joy of victory once a battle is won, but even that doesn’t last forever.

  3. One thing I noticed in part two was that while not having books is supposed to make things equal, the world is still an unjust place, but people are more ignorant about it. For example, Montag talks about how they are rich while the rest of the world is poor, but most people simply don’t care. This also made me wonder how much non fiction news is allowed to be published, if any. (This may have been covered already but I might not have noticed it.)

  4. I think one thing that is very interesting in F451 is the mechanical feel tho the town. You have the cars that are described as being like beetles, the mechanical hound, and the TV room. put them all together and I think we have Ray Bradbury’s commentary about society’s dependence on autonomy.

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