10H – 29-30 Jan 2015 – Finishing F451

I made a mistake on the calendar that works in our FAVOR (we have an extra day rather than one too few). SO that means that THURSDAY (today) is a reading & tweeting day. Tomorrow will be our discussion of part III.

In terms of journaling for part III, you’ll do the same work you did in part II.

  • Identify a motif and track it throughout the entire text. By “track,” I mean, write down the page number and the context in which the word, phrase or image occurs.
  • Write 2-3 paragraphs about what makes the motif significant, useful or how it contributes to the meaning of the work. Focus on what the author is using the motif to say or address, the themes the motif helps readers to access, and/or the symbolic value of the motif in the text.

Looking ahead, please read the following items for TUESDAY

In your journaling about these readings I want you to construct an argument for how they connect to/relate to the text of the novel OR how they enhance your understanding of the message of the novel.


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