10H – 2 March 2015 – Writing Day for Dystopia Review

Today you’ll start with a discussion of the Characteristics of a Dystopia as they apply to your particular text (Handmaid’s Tale, 1984, Brave New World, or Animal Farm). You may want to left-side journal this discussion, as it adds some meat to your related journal entries.

Then I’ll ask you to begin writing your review, which should contain four paragraphs:

  1. A lead that indicates your position on the book through its tone (more info on Google Class site)
  2. A summary of the main events of the book (spoilers okay)
  3. An evaluation of how effectively it meets the criteria of a dystopia that you and your group discussed (above)
  4. A final image/assesment of the overall value of the novel in your opinion.

When you finish, you’ll need to post the review on your GoodReads account and then you’ll need to go to Google Classroom and paste a LINK to your review in the spreadsheet I’ve provided there. These reviews are due March 9 (one week from today).

…However, for those who are worried about Task 5, I will start by explaining that our writing time in third trimester looks a bit different than it has. Task 5 is an explication, a brand new form of writing that will be unfamiliar to ALL of you and as a result takes a bit longer than other, more familiar types of writing. I like to give 9 or 10 weeks to the work because it often takes many drafts to feel successful on this task.

Task 6 is a “one-and-done,” in-class essay, so it doesn’t require much time at all. That’s how we make it work.

All that said, we will not start Task 5 until next week. 🙂


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