10H – 6 March 2015 – Sonnet Day

Okay 10H-ers. Today we talked sonnet. I shared the parts of this presentation that were helpful, and then gave you a chance to practice scanning the sonnet you selected from the packet.

On TUESDAY we’ll talk about what your scansion reveals (Secrets of the Poem! Unlocked for all to see! Be there!) and we’ll also discuss Robert Frost’s essay “Education by Poetry”….So please read it. In your journal, write out responses to these questions (this is a single journal entry with lots of specific sub parts):

    • What — exactly– does Frost say that “education by poetry” is?
    • What –as exactly as you can find– does Frost say metaphor is?
    • What –as exactly as you can find– does Frost say thinking is?
    • What is the author’s tone? Where and how does it change?
    • What passages capture your attention, arouse a reaction?
    • What does Frost mean by the term “closeness”?
    • How does Frost organize this piece? Can you connect the different parts?
    • See if you can put in your own words the “Beliefs” that end the essay.
    • What is your reaction to the essay? Is it an emotional one or a logical one?

If you prefer a paper copy of the essay, then you need to sign up to get on on Monday.


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