10H – 26 March 2015 – MSND Act I

Today I’ll pass out the books you chose (yay! everyone got a choice from their notecards).

Then, you’ll read Act I in your small groups and then we’ll hopefully have some time to talk about it. In your journal tonight, respond to this prompt:

Act I takes place in the daytime, but contains images of moon/night/dreams that foreshadow what’s to come. In your journal, identify some examples of moon/night/dream imagery, and then write about what moods/ideas are associated with the imagery and how you know what those moods/ideas are.

The goal is to think carefully about how the moon/night are portrayed in the opening act, because this will set the tone for how to think about the moon/night for most of the rest of the play, which takes place at night in the moonlight.

If you need to refer to the play or finish reading a section you didn’t get to finish, I suggest you use the NO FEAR SHAKESPEARE version of the play, since it provides a side-by-side translation as you read.


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