10H – 27 March 2015 – MSND Act II

BTW, I don’t know if anything in fifth hour today *can* top the spontaneous song lead by Victor F. this morning. I never thought I’d live to see Titania’s fairy lullaby sung by a group of boys! #lovemyjob (the song starts at 0:17).

Today we’ll read MSND Act II. For your journal, choose ONE of the following prompts:

    • Act II is full of FLOWER imagery. Identify some of the examples of this flower imagery and theorize about its meaning/purpose in the play.
    • Offer some analysis of Puck. What kind of mood does he create and how do you know? Offer specific evidence or examples.
    • Say the herb/flower thing is a metaphor or symbol for how infatuation works in real life. Explain how they’re similar.
    • Shakespeare uses a literary technique called “doubling” (also known as FOILS) to explore different sides of reality. For example, in Act I he introduces the “daylight” king and queen (Hippolyta and Theseus). In Act II, he introduces the nighttime king and queen (Titania and Oberon). They could be compared/contrasted in a variety of ways. In your journal, write about some of the other “doubles” in the play. Who might be a double for Hermia? Egeus? What about the “mechanicals?”

A peek ahead: Monday is a writing day and Tuesday we’ll have a discussion about Acts I and II, specifically looking at the journal entries you did. The 10H April 2015 Calendar  will give you a bigger peek ahead, if you like.


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