10H – 31 March & 1 April – MSND Discuss Acts I & II, then read Act III

Today we’ll talk about Acts I and II. Then the rest of the period today and all period tomorrow are for reading Act III, which we’ll discuss on Thursday using these journal prompts (choose ONE to write about):

Today we’ll talk through Act I and the journal prompts I asked you to do for class today. Then you’ll have just a *very few* minutes to start working on Act III in your small groups. For your journal, please write about one of these three prompts:

    1. In Act III, Oberon and Helena demonstrate some surprising changes in character. Analyze this. Explain the differences we see in these two characters and theorize about why or how the change happens. USE THE TEXT.
    2. Act III is loaded with imagery related to eyes and seeing (just like Acts I and II). Explain why. It may help to consider the differences between SEEING and PERCEIVING. Seeing is the act of using the eyes to gain physical knowledge about the world, Perceiving is the psychological act of interpreting information received through the eyes.
    3. Try to explain→ What is SHAKESPEARE saying about romantic love? Things to consider as you think and write about this:

First, the unmarried couples…

  • The ease and speed with which Lysander abandons Hermia and the “tedious minutes” he has spent with her.
  • The disdain Demetrius has for his former honey, Helena, that he would threaten to do “mischief” to her “virtue” since he is “alone” with her in a “desert[ed] place.”
  • Helena’s persistence and despair in following Demetrius, begging to be used like his “spaniel,” even though she was made “to be wooed, and not to woo.
  • Titania’s adoration of Bottom, despite his appearance.

 But then the married couples…

  • The accusations of each other having feelings for Theseus and Hippolyta
  • The discord in nature and the whole world as a result of the rift in Oberon and Titania’s marriage.
  • The evil wish for Titania to fall in love upon waking–and to “wake when some vile thing is near.”

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