10H – 3 April 2015 – Act IV and V

Today you’ll read Acts IV and V. Please do the following journal prompts (one for Act IV and one for Act V) by TUESDAY, when we’ll discuss them.

  • Midsummer Act IV, choose ONE of the following:
    • The fourth act begins and ends with Bottom on stage. Why is this significant? What insight do we gain into him as a character? Why?
    • Explain and analyze the character’s responses to the lovers waking up from the love potion. Think Theseus, Hermia, Lysander, Demetrius, Helena and Egeus. How are they similar to/different from the opening scene? Why?
  • Midsummer Act V, Shakespeare uses a number of different techniques to create humor in the play-within-a-play. Identify 1-2 examples of these different techniques and explain what makes them entertaining (ridiculous metaphors, excessive alliteration, breaking the ‘fourth wall,’ using the wrong word/name, overdone repetition). What is Shakespeare poking fun at through these techniques? Is it effective? Why or why not?

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