10H – 6 and 7 April 2015 – Writing Day & Starting Scene Work

Monday is a writing day. I don’t have any updates except that I was caught up as of Monday a.m. and should finish the Monday rollouts by Tuesday morning at the latest. We have plenty of time for conferencing, though, for those who need it.

Tuesday we’ll choose groups and scenes. This is a messy, challenging process to make sure that we have a good division of labor and energy in all the groups. I know it will take maturity and finesse on your parts, but I trust you.

Once you have your scene chosen, you’re going to choose roles and assign parts and read through it. The goal on this first read-through is to make sure you understand EVERY SINGLE WORD your character says. Any place that doesn’t make sense, you and your group needs to try and figure it out, and if this doesn’t work, you need to ask me.


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