10H – 8 April 2015 – Staging Activity & Planning for Scenes

Today we’ll do a short activity together with a different play (you’ll see why, I think), and then make some decisions together about how we (collectively) want to stage OUR scenes.

Then, I’m going to ask you to do a second read through of your scene (time permitting, of course), and make a prop or set list. This should be very general, for example:

  • Puck needs something to use to put the love juice in Lysander’s eyes.
  • Oberon needs something to hide behind so no one sees him.

Then, depending on what we decide to do with staging, we’ll make decisions about this. For example, if we set the play in the woods, Oberon might be hiding behind a tree. If we set the scene in a 1980’s Video Arcade, then he’s probably hiding behind a Pac-Man machine.


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