10H – 9-10 April 2015 – Rehearsal & a Schedule Change

Thursday – we’ll do our first set of rehearsals. This will be our regular MO for scene work days. I’ll introduce a few schedule changes to make life smoother for all of us (I hope).

I’ll also explain what you need to do with your Independent Reading Books. It’s pretty simple: choose three of the ‘choice’ prompts (we taped these into the back of your journal, but you can also find them on Quick Docs). You’ll be responsible for these journal entries, as you are for all your entries, in your final journal interview (the last two weeks of school).

Friday – Since both Robyn and I will be gone, we are going to borrow the writing day that’s supposed to be MONDAY and make it today instead. But first, you need to take the District Technology Survey. It takes about 5-10 minutes. I have no idea how much your feedback actually matters, since this is a district survey and not a building one.

Once you’re finished with that, you may go ahead and work on your writing, Quizlet, independent reading, or line memorization.


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