10H – 4 May 2015 – Writing/Working/Reading Day

Today is a writing day, except I’m still plugging away at your papers. SO, you have lots of choices

1. I’ll offer a “live” session for students who want to watch me write a paper with commentary about what happens at each step. This was a first hour request, but I’ll offer it in fifth hour, too. The record of the live session with my talking points (in the comments) is here if you missed it and want to take a look. In a nutshell, an explication should be green, pink, blue, yellow, repeat OR green/blue, pink, yellow, repeat.

2. You can finish your movie review finding and journal-writing.

3. You can read Foster’s Irony chapter (due tomorrow) or SH5 Ch 1 (due Wednesday). Journal prompts below:

  • Foster “Is He Serious? And Other Ironies” – Journal about a film or book you know well that contains the kinds of ironies Foster describes.  Note, this is your Final Critical Reading Skill and it’s pretty straightforward: Irony Trumps Everything – it turns symbol, memory, pattern upside down.
  • As you read Chapter 1 of SH5, focus on one of the four major subjects: war, family, death, writing/art. Track quotes related to these subjects and based on your reading, try to identify what VONNEGUT (not Billy, and maybe not even the narrator, though is the narrator Vonnegut? A question for you to consider) is saying about the subject you’ve explored.

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