Welcome to English 10H – Syllabus and Introduction FYI

Instead of using a paper syllabus (90% of them end up in my recycling bin every year anyhow), this year I’m providing you with an English 10H Prezi Syllabus. We’ll walk through it together in the first couple of days. In the meantime, it’s here and available for your to peruse at your leisure.

Then we’ll look at a visual conceit from an old cover of the New Yorker. A conceit is an extended metaphor–one that carries throughout a given piece of work (writing, visual art, film, etc.).

Your job, once you understand what a conceit is? Write one of your own. In the one you write, compare yourself to a Monopoly playing piece (one of the classics):

  • thimble
  • racecar
  • cowboy
  • scottie dog
  • iron
  • old shoe
  • wheelbarrow
  • iron
  • top hat

You may write it as a paragraph or a poem. It’s due tomorrow in class.


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