8/25 – Intro to the Lab Book

Also here’s a copy of the lyrics to the song & the script from the video.

We will do three things today:

Procedure — I’ll show you where the inbox is, and you’ll turn in your Monopoly Conceits. I will not “collect” work from you, you will simply put it in the inbox when it’s due. This is one way that I make turning in your work YOUR responsibility (which it is) rather than mine (which it is not).

“Arts and Crafts” — we’ll assemble your lab books for the year. See “About Assembling Your Lab Books” below for more details.

Learning — We’re going to look at our first text, which is a video called “Just” by Radiohead. We’ll watch the video in class (you can see it again above), and then I’ll ask you to write your first lab book entry (right side) about it. Your prompt for the lab book entry is “What does the man say at the end of the video? Why is he lying down? Why do all the others lie down too?” You can see a sample below (in the still photos) of how to set this up in your lab book.

Please note that you have 3-4 types of evidence you can use: the visual cues, the music (both lyrics and actual music), and the script/subtitles from the video. If you know Radiohead, you also have their persona to use as well. If not, no biggie.

As you work, you may consult YOURSELF and YOUR FAMILY and NOTHING ELSE. Do NOT talk to each other about it and do NOT consult the internet. For this first assignment, I’m interested in seeing what YOU come up with.

About Assembling your lab books….

You will read them and then cut them into pieces so that we can assemble the lab books. You can see this Vine to get a sense of how your lab book should be set up or you can use the stills below to help you with that. Either way, I expect your lab book to be fully functional starting on Wednesday, including having a complete first entry on your right side.

The front cover of your lab book.
The inside front cover of your lab book (a model “left side”)
The first “page” of your lab book, facing the inside front cover (a model “right side”).
The inside back cover of your lab book, containing the back up prompts for when you don’t have one assigned.
What your first lab book entry will look like BEFORE you start writing.

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