8/26 – Discuss “Just,” Assign “Hills”

Today we’ll start with a quick library check out time. Ask me! I am a big reader. I can make great recommendations. 🙂

Then we’ll spend most of the rest of our day talking about “Just.” In particular, I’m interested in hearing us come up with some distinct theories, listing out the evidence for those theories, and listing out some of the counter-evidence for those theories.

Okay, I just finished discussing with period 5 and WOWEE WOW WOW. You guys, that was a great set of first discussions that makes me SUPER excited to be working with you. Thanks for your energy and hard work!

For tomorrow, I’m asking you to do a second experiment, very similar to the first one, but this time with a written text called “Hills Like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway. He’s a big fan of the Iceberg theory, aka the “theory of omission,” where most of what happens in a story is beneath the surface of the text rather than stated in the text. No where is that MORE true than here in “Hills Like White Elephants.”

Your lab book prompt: What is the couple discussing and how do you know?

Again, please do not consult the internet or each other, but go ahead and talk with your family if you like. If you really, really, really get stuck, then consult the clues below, but be warned: people who consult the clues will NOT get to speak in the first round of discussion tomorrow.

So these clues should be used in DESPERATION only. Start with round 1 and see how it goes. If you work it with round 1 and nothing happens, try round 2. Same deal, then round 3.

Hills Clues Round 1

Hills Clues Round 2

Hills Clues Round 3


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